Here’s what they are saying about OneDesk:

“…your organization might want to take a peek at a platform called OneDesk, a cloud-based application that is explicitly intended to coordinate product managers, engineers, marketing teams and even customer support professionals.”

Cloud platform supports product development activities,ZDNet

“…the product is structured to make it easy to identify new product opportunities and route them into the development pipeline.”

OneDesk Translates Feedback into R&D,InformationWeek

“…allows businesses to become more socially connected to customers, partners and employees.”

Product Development Made Easy ,Business Review USA

“What I like about it the most is that it captures ideas – comments, suggestions, input that would otherwise be lost. And it’s a continuous process – not just a one-shot “let’s gather requirements for the next few months.”

Social Media – Changing the Nature of “Product Requirements” Forever,Social Media Today

“….from a product management viewpoint, it’s the features, it’s the road mapping, it’s the ability to manage the difficult parts of the development that is really compelling.”

OneDesk with Catherine Constantinides ,Tools of The Trade

“…a unified suite of applications to help manage the whole product development lifecycle.”

Agile, Product Management Journal, ProductFocus

“…OneDesk should be considered when centralizing and simplifying product development and management are top priorities.”

OneDesk Review,RatedCloud