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    Sprint Vs Iteration

    Sprint vs iteration: Exploring both terms The answer is yes. A sprint is a focused productivity technique that is created by a group of individuals working on the same project. The term and activity is most commonly known and applied in software development. Usually, sprints last about seven days or so. As a team, the […]

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    Developing a customer engagement strategy

    Fifteen years ago, my part-time job as a customer service rep of a well-established furniture store, involved handling customer issues by using mostly static information. My equipment consisted of a phone with one incoming line and a computer with access to customer files. Internet access was restricted. If I could not resolve a customer issue […]

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    Anticipating Customer Experience Hazards

    By now, you should know that the key to keeping your customers coming back is to provide an exceptional customer experience. To many, it should be a no-brainer and something that easy to plan out and maximize. But if that were the case, there wouldn’t be any demand for customer service consultants, professionals and technology. […]

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    Mobile project management is the next big thing

    Why your organization needs mobile project management Here are 3 ways that mobile integrations can directly enhance the project management experience: 1. Promotes the sharing of critical project-related information: Many mobile project management features are designed to enable project teams to be instantly notified of any changes made to the status of a project, as […]

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    Writing a Software Requirements Specification Document

    What is a Software Requirements Specification Document? Many developers choose to work with a software requirements specification document as it typically contains the following: – A complete description of the software’s purpose and functionality – Details as to how the software will perform in terms of speed, response time, availability, portability, maintainability, recovery speed and […]

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    Creative Brainstorming Techniques: Innovate Now

    Today’s most successful and innovative companies know that good product ideas don’t just suddenly appear. In order to pinpoint that “good” idea, you must explore many different ideas and compare them all. Hence, every company should encourage their team members to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas. However, many will be […]

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    Building Business Relationships: Show Customers Some Love

    Ah, Valentine’s Day – the day where millions of people worldwide take the time to show their significant others how much they value their relationship. On Valentine’s Day, couples do their best to make sure their other half feels appreciated and make it a goal to make the day as relaxing, stress-free, and love-filled as […]

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