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    The Dangers of Not Listening to your Customers

    A recent Wired article about why the Amazon’s Fire Phone failed highlights the importance of keeping track of your customers’ needs when designing a new product. According to the article, Amazon’s Fire Phone is regarded as a flop because instead of focusing on what customers were aski ng for, the phone and its associated software […]

  • tacticsstrategy
    Strategic Project Management vs Tactical Project Management

    The question about what makes a good project manager is one that has as many answers as there are people to answer it. The question is best answered by evaluating whether a project manager is able to balance the need for strategic vs tactical approaches and thinking with regards to their project(s). If you’re thinking […]

  • Photo Courtesy: www.tryitlocal.com
    Requirements Validation & OneDesk Customer Portal

    Do you remember playing the ‘telephone game‘ as a child? If so, you’ll remember that when a word or phrase is passed along ear to ear, it can get distorted and change to the point that it becomes unrecognizable from the original. Don’t let your product development cycle turn into a game of guesswork for […]

  • New to OneDesk – Item Flow

    We’ve just added a new application to OneDesk to help you simplify your product management workflow called “Item Flow”. The principle behind adding in this application is simple. When you receive a ton of great feedback from your customers you want to keep these ideas and information connected to your process through all stages. In […]

  • OneDesk Applications: Gathering customer feedback – Feedback List

    Collect and organize your feedback Collecting, managing and responding to customer feedback is a corner stone of keeping your customers happy. OneDesk can help you to achieve the effective communication with your customers and provide them with real-time response. An asset to any business. The feedback list application allows you to collect feedback from your […]

  • Gannt Chart Terminology

    Gantt charts are a key component for many project managers who are responsible for the efficient coordination of multiple projects that have related tasks. In even the simplest of projects, PMs want to be able to easily manage and oversee all phases of their project in order to ensure successful completion. We’ve noticed that when […]

  • checklist
    OneDesk Applications: Tasks List

    Organize your Tasks Managing your tasks in OneDesk has never been simpler. You can create, assign or work on tasks for your projects all from one application. The tasks list application allows you to create tasks with dependent sub tasks as well as the ability to apply custom filters for searching and managing your tasks […]


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