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    Customer Interaction and the Project Manager

    Balancing the need for customer input and maintaining project control How much do we need our customer to be involved in the project management process? How much involvement do we want them to have as we are designing and developing their critical product that is due to roll-out to end users or the general public […]

  • Project Management Office
    My PMO is better than your PMO

    I don’t know if this is really the case, but I would like to discuss what I consider to be the key ingredients to great project management offices, or PMOs.  I’ve seen several project offices be constructed and torn down in well meaning organizations that were otherwise productive…except for the fact that were bad at […]

  • integrated product teams
    Integrated Product Teams: The “I” Factor

    A successful product development process requires the close collaboration between integrated product teams. According to www.npd-solutions.com, an integrated product team (IPT) can be made up of different stakeholders which may include Users, Customers, Engineers, Product Managers, Marketing, Project Managers, etc. Naturally, as product development activities change and evolve over the course of its liefcycle, so […]

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    Creating a product roadmap requires collaboration

    Creating a product roadmap is a crucial step in the product planning process and yet, the need to create such all encompassing pieces of information, with so many data points to consider in their construction, has often meant they’ve been sorely neglected – cobbled together in a rush before that all important meeting. Dynamic product […]

  • collecting customer feedack
    Collecting customer feedback: Are you doing it right?

    Collecting customer feedback: 3 Tips for Success 1. Evaluate your current online feedback strategy, ask: Can visitors quickly and easily find the information they need? Would adding features such as videos or images enhance their online experience? How are we collecting customer feedback? Do we create an effective dialogue with our potential and existing customers? […]

  • functional requirements
    Functional Requirements vs Non Functional Requirements

    We often get asked the question: “What is the difference between functional requirements and non functional requirements?” Let’s take a closer look at these two complimentatry concepts. Functional Requirements Defined According to ReQtest a functional requirement simply tells a system to do something specific. On it’s own, this definition does not really suggest much, but […]

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    Exceptional Customer Service: OneDesk & LiveChat

    “The customer is always king. In a short period of time we have moved from a culture that focused on the past, then focused on the future and now focuses on the present.” – Roy Goffer, nanoRep By now, you should know that the key to keeping your customers coming back is to provide an […]

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