collecting customer feedack

Collecting customer feedback: 3 Tips for Success

1. Evaluate your current online feedback strategy, ask: Can visitors quickly and easily find the information they need? Would adding features such as videos or images enhance their online experience? How are we collecting customer feedback? Do we create an effective dialogue with our potential and existing customers? Do we invite feedback? Is it short and simple? Do we provide eeasy ways to get customer feedback quickly?

2. Convey to your customers that you appreciate their interest in your organization and business. Let them know that collecting customer feedback from them will help to improve your products, services and the website. As a result, this reassures your customer and helps increase online engagement.

3. If you don’t have the budget for professional usability testing or the time to conduct in-depth surveys, use an online customer portal. Collecting customer feedack online is a cost-effective. and generally easy methond for centralizing information.

Collecting customer feedback with OneDesk

OneDesk’s customer portal will enable you to directly gather feedback from customers. This portal can either be embedded in your website or sent to your customer as an individual link. Watch this video below to learn more.

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