Welcome to the OneDesk Resources Page

By popular demand, OneDesk is pleased to provide a centralized page for users and others interested in OneDesk to find out more about the application. While we publish content (blogs, videos, how tos, webinars etc.) on a pretty regular basis, this page contains the best of the best. Some of the material here can be accessed without registration or sign in, while other material is available through registration only. Simply click on the anchor text to find out whether or not registration is required.

OneDesk Basics

New to OneDesk and wondering what it's all about? Or maybe you want to introduce the product to some of your colleagues to extend it's collaborative potential.The following list includes a set of MUST HAVE content to find your place in OneDesk and help your colleagues find their seat at the table.

OneDesk at Glance: Everything you wanted to know about OneDesk in one short animated video

Product Tour: The Newbie's first dive into OneDesk and its core benefits