OneDesk Integrates with Jira

Our JIRA Integration simplifies your workflow and resolves several concerns that help the project team work more efficiently:

  • Allows team members to locate and work on items within their preferred tool or platform.
  • Automates actions that need to be taken on issuesfrom other tools or integrated platforms.
  • Allows for cross-tool traceability and visibity

In addition, integrating your OneDesk with JIRA will help to bridge the gap between your engineers, support, and sales teams so they can work more collaboratively to resolve support requests, issues and defect fixes. Issues can be resolved quicker, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

To configure your JIRA integration in OneDesk:

  • Under your personal menu (upper left hand corner) select administration from the drop down menu
  • Click the integrations tab
  • Click on Jira Connector to view more more information


Click here to learn more about our JIRA-OneDesk connector.

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