IT Help Desk Management

OneDesk`s integrated IT Help Desk system enables you to capture all of your customer support requests from a multitude of different channels and manage them efficiently in one centralized place. Our IT help desk also enhances collaboration between business partners, employees and customers, providing them with the right tools to help them improve overall work performance and productivity.

Business Benefits:

Create a living knowledge-base of customer support inquiries.
Keeps customers in the loop with updates on the status of their requests .
Capture customer inquiries from the social web, by email, help desk or customer portal.
Automate and streamline your customer service and help desk workflows.
Link your customer support item to your requirements and take action.
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OneDesk is feature-rich

Choose to only use the features your business needs, and make use of more if necessary.

OneDesk has a solution for your role

OneDesk makes your job easier regardless of your role in the product or services team.

How it works

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