A few weeks ago, we wrote about what’s New in OneDesk: Release Management and Product Roadmapping. We thought we would help you get started on planning your product roadmaps. Creating a roadmap in OneDesk is easy. Just follow the instructions below, and you will be on your way to easier product management.

A look at planning a product roadmap in more detail

OneDesk allows you to visually plan out your product roadmap. This gives you the ability to:

  • Display your product and service portfolio as planned out over time.
  • Generate living roadmap views for release estimation, planning and execution.
  • Create and save multiple road-map views configured to your needs.
  • Add top-level indicators to the roadmap to call-out milestones.
  • Drill-down on specific details on requirements, features and tasks.
  • Export roadmaps and create reports for all stakeholders.

How to create a product roadmap with OneDesk

product roadmap

  • Click on the projects button at the top of the interface (1).
  • Go to the roadmaps view (2).
  • Click create roadmap (3).

product roadmap

  • Enter a name in the field that appears (4).
  • Click save (5).

You then need to add projects to your product roadmap.

product roadmap

  • Click on the add/remove projects button (6).
  • Select any number of projects from the list that pops up (7).
  • Your projects will appear in the order you select them (8).

Your product roadmap is now ready.

product roadmap

  • Use the slider to zoom in and out (1).
  • Choose which items get shown on your roadmaps (2).

If you have any questions about creating a roadmap, or need further instructions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

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