Idea capture

Gather ideas from customers, partners and employees, using OneDesk's customer portal, and the built-in social media monitoring tool.

Capture and manage feedback by email

Capture feedback, ideas, problems, praise, and questions emailed to you by customers. Just forward them to OneDesk.

Forward your emails to:








Discussion and scoring

Score ideas by having your customer community, employees, and partners vote and discuss the ideas they like.

Elaborate the details

Have one-on-one conversations with customers to elaborate the details of their feedback.

Real answers to important questions

Publish polls to your community - get answers to questions supported by real-world data.

Design your own customer portal

Promote a positive customer experience by customizing your customer portal. OneDesk can create a theme for you that matches your website.

Share your feedback

Classify feedback into projects and share them with your team and outside business partners.

Take action

Develop requirements from ideas, support issues, and other feedback (or link them to existing requirements).