Provide stellar customer service with the help desk application


Multiple support channels

Customers can submit support requests using the web portal, email, Twitter, Facebook and more. Customers can provide follow-up information and monitor the progress of an issue.

Capture and manage customer support emails

Capture and forward customer support emails directly to OneDesk and automatically categorize them based on their type. Then, assign them to team members across your organization.

Just forward emails to:

Community support

A community support forum allows the customer community to help each other. Publish the best responses to create a permanent knowledge base.

Powerful automation engine

Automate your customer service workflow to create, manage and assign cases to the appropriate team members.

Individualized response flows

Develop unique, personalized response processes for cases based on any criteria, including customer, account, priority and more. Notify participants when a case is updated.

Powerful filtering

Filter and sort your support cases using a flexible and extensive set of stacked filters.

Mass updates

Keep your caseload up-to-date by re-assigning and re-prioritizing based on ticket age and response time and more.

Take Action

Link your support issues directly to the development process by easily creating requirements and tasks.