Worker-driven planning

Collaborative approach allows all team members to contribute to the project planning process. Managers can create high-level tasks and let their employees create their own sub tasks and work estimates.

Assign and schedule

Use the assignment scheduler to assign tasks to team members inside and outside your organization.

Dynamic Gantt charts

Automatically lay out your project schedule, create links between tasks and visually compare planned schedules to actual ones.

Task relationships and date constraints

Schedule tasks, create dependencies, constrain dates, calculate the critical path and more.


Integrated worklogs

Allow team members to submit worklogs. Easily compare submitted data to the project plan.

Track budget, work and schedule

Track results by comparing the actual schedule and budget to the project plan. PPM metrics calculate earned value, planned value and more.

Get everyone on the same page

As tasks progress, their statuses are reflected in the requirements and feedback they are linked to. This keeps all team members and customers in the loop.