Social Media Monitoring - listen to conversations on the social web


Listen to the social web

Use OneDesk's social media monitoring tool and find out what customers are saying about your products, services, industry, and competitors on the social web. Social media monitoring allows you to search Twitter, Facebook and blogs. It's an easy way to keep an ear on the social web, and pipe customer feedback straight into your process.

Reply to the social web

Respond to conversations by creating wall posts, tweets, and comments directly from OneDesk.


Analyze the social web

Identify trending topics and stay on top of what is occurring in your industry.


Take action with social media monitoring

Tag social media comments as ideas, issues, questions, compliments, leads and feedback. You can then easily link this customer insight to the development process.

feedback-types tag-social-media

Keeping an ear out for conversations about your products with social media monitoring is a quick method of collecting feedback to create great requirements.

OneDesk makes it simple, with powerful social media monitoring tools integrated into the software, unifying all the stages of your process.