What is OneDesk?

OneDesk is enterprise-class “social business applications” for product development and service delivery. With OneDesk, you will develop products faster and deliver services more efficiently.

We provide a suite of tightly integrated, highly collaborative applications for:

  • Customer engagement and community building
  • Enterprise feedback management
  • Ideas and innovation management
  • Help-desk and customer service management
  • Product / service requirements management
  • Project and portfolio management and much more.

OneDesk helps put everyone in your product or service team on the same page. It allows you to connect employees, business partners and customers and deliver exactly what the customer is looking for.

Our customers

Designed for scalability with many configuration options, OneDesk caters to the needs of large enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. OneDesk is offered as an on-demand or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. This allows organizations to scale the costs to suit their usage. Our innovative “freemium” sharing model means that you can start using OneDesk right away for free and only pay when you have passed a certain usage threshold.  

Business benefits

Overall advantages of suite:
  • A fully integrated suite means no professional integration services are required.
  • Assign security roles and maintain control over data that you share internally or externally.
  • Get your products to market quickly. Save time and money by obtaining objective data about requirements and easily track budgets.

Product management

  • Get clear insight into the development process - obtain objective data, and take the “guesswork” out of the decision-making process.
  • Develop products your customers are looking for and are willing to pay for.
  • Eliminate the costs of conducting expensive and unclear customer surveys, market research and focus groups.
  • Collect valuable customer insight in one place.

Customer Service / Help desk

  • Centralize the customer service process, increase customer satisfaction and decrease customer service response time.
  • Leverage the customer community to help resolve customer issues more efficiently.
  • Publish commonly asked questions and their solutions.

Innovation and ideas management

  • Discover the market’s needs.
  • Let customers vote on ideas. The ones they like best rise to the top.
  • Ask your own employees and partners for ideas - they are an important, and often, neglected source of innovation.
  • Rank ideas based on metrics aligned with your business goals.
  • Transform ideas into requirements with a single click.

    Requirements and traceability

  • Trace the origin of a project and understand why you are working on it.
  • All tasks are linked to requirements, which are linked to feedback. This provides traceability between items.
  • Create a requirement from a feedback with a single click.
  • Create a task from a requirement with a single click.

    Project portfolio management

  • Develop your project plans from the ground up, and allow all participants to contribute and commit to the timeline.
  • Create a single central repository for product portfolio information and eliminate the need of having to retrieve valuable product information out of emails, spreadsheets and other closed silos.
  • Easily distribute tasks to user-resources across multiple projects and even different organizations.
  • Choose to keep track of items such as requirements or tasks and immediately get notified when team members update them.

    Customer community

  • Avoid the pitfalls of unclear customer requests by collaborating with the customer throughout the development process.
  • Promote customer engagement and build community and loyalty.
  • Allow the customer community to discuss feedback and ideas amongst themselves.

    Flexible deployment model

  • Pay-as-you go model or annual subscription - means you can choose either flexibility or savings.
  • Freemium model means that you can try all the features out before purchasing.
  • SaaS means that no expensive IT costs are needed for set up and maintenance.
  • Always have the latest version of the product.

    Innovative sharing model

    • Break down barriers between organizations by using OneDesk to share data.
    • Invite external organizations to collaborate without burdening them with extra costs
    • Maintain full ownership and control over your data. Share without risk or grant access at level you are comfortable with.

    Web 2.0 collaboration tools - for the enterprise

    • Get work done with real-time collaborative editing; see edits as they are made and save time.
    • Break down the barriers between departmental “silos” within your company by making sure that everyone has access to the requirement’s origins and understands why they are working on them.
    • The social networking model ensures that everyone is collaborating on getting work done, and engaging in a structured conversation.
    • Promote a collaborative work environment and remove the communication barriers between customers, partners and employees.
    • Increase participation amongst stakeholders, streamline communication and improve overall performance and productivity