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The Engineering team uses a kanban board to move their tasks towards “done”.

The Professional Services team launches and tracks projects for each customer.

Project Managers have the tools for detailed plans, projections and tracking.

Executives track project portfolios at a higher level and get strategic insight.

The Marketing team plans and reviews the marketing schedule

Product Managers roadmap out releases, and new product plans.

The support team receives and responds to tickets directly in OneDesk.

Customers have a portal to view, discuss and update their tickets and projects.

Successful projects, delivered on time

Project management and collaboration for teams: Advanced features combine Agile and traditional project management in one application.
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Views for both traditional planning and agile execution

Combine the detailed planning of traditional project management with easy-to-use agile status boards.

Gantt charts, scheduling, and assignments

Connect dependent tasks; see who is overloaded and who is not; calculate finish dates, work, and cost.

Discussions & notifications on tasks & issues

Make sure team members are notified when assignments or statuses are changed.

Time-tracking with timesheets & task timers

Easily capture timesheets for work performed. Get real-time insight into your projects using work timers to track time.

Reporting and Exporting

Get the reports you need by creating custom templates and scheduling and emailing reports. Easily export get your data at any time.

Integrations for other applications you already use

Connect OneDesk to Github, Slack, VSO, Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, Office, and more.

Better Communication with your Customers

Engage with, and support your customers. Manage feedback, support tickets, and other customer interactions.
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Capture tickets by email

OneDesk captures support emails, creates tickets, responds, classifies and assigns. Customer responses are automatically added to the ticket.

Customer portal for your website

Easily add a portal to your website, where customers can submit tickets, give feedback, discuss and vote.

Integrated discussion and collaboration

Collaborate on tickets and feedback with private internal discussions, directly with the customer, or to all your customer-base. You decide.

Auto-replies, auto-assignments, auto-everything

Automate repetive tasks to reduce your workload and deliver better customer service. Use SLAs to improve your response times.

Tools for your product team.

Capture and manage ideas, stories & requirements. Build releases, create product hierarchies and share plans.
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Capture enhancement requests

Capture ideas and feature suggestions by email, website portal and more.

Develop, analyze & score requirements

Add details, attach documents, and score features, ideas and more based on ROI, ease-of-effort, priority and more.

Plan releases and build roadmaps

Add structure to your products and releases, and create roadmaps.

Stay connected to the development process

Product changes are directly connected to development tasks and customers, keeping everyone in the loop..

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