Good customer service: Sharing the experience

Good customer service: Online vs. offline methods Every business knows the old saying: A satisfied customer will tell one or two people about it, and a dissatisfied customer will tell up to ten people. In an offline world this is … Read More

Customer Experience Management: A necessity

Customer Experience Management – what does it mean? Many companies overlook how important customer experience management is. The goal of customer experience management is to move customers from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate. That being said, … Read More

Social businesses: Connecting the dots

Social businesses: Positioned for increased profitability It is impossible these days to read a company’s blog without seeing the term social businesses. Changes in society and technology are providing opportunities for companies everywhere to become social businesses that interact with … Read More

Give feedback the easy way

‘Tis the season to give feedback – but what is feedback? If I were to ask you to give me a definition of “feedback,” what would you say? The words “criticism,” “remark” or “response” would most likely be in your … Read More

Feedback systems: Enhancing product development

Feedback systems increase profitability Well managed customer relationships, timely focused communications and feedback systems combine to develop an acute understanding of customer needs. This in turn increases the potential for products to be profitable once introduced to the marketplace. Feedback … Read More

Customer Idea: Your key to Innovation

The importance of the customer idea Customers are better at coming up with innovative ideas about the product or service they are using, than the employees who work at developing them. While employees may predict downsides and obstacles, the necessary … Read More

Customer portals: Gateways to your customers

Customer portals encourage sharing of critical information Customer portals are multichannel applications that easily encourage sharing of information and content between your customer and the team members in your organization. Essentially, the information gathered and analyzed from a customer portal … Read More

Customer Relation Management: More important than ever

In today’s competitive world of product development it is more important than ever for companies to keep customers satisfied. After all, they are the reason the business is still standing. However, in a busy corporate environment, it’s easy to fall … Read More

Site feedback: Enhance the customer experience

Site feedback helps optimize your website There are many things to consider when building a website: the message that you want to convey to your various stakeholders and a multitude of design elements, such as, colour, layout, graphics…and the list … Read More

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Featureset est lancé en version bêta!