Satisfaction Surveys: Important, but ineffective

Satisfaction surveys: Your Key to Customer Retention Quick, which one of these is better for your company? a) Acquiring new customers b) Retaining current customers If you answered b, you are correct. Once a customer is satisfied with your company, … Continue Reading

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Customer Value Management

Finding customer value Customers will find value in those products and services that fulfill their needs and solve their problems, quickly, effectively and at a low cost. Many organizations use feedback management programs to develop the products and services that … Continue Reading

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Community ideas: Share your ideas and make a difference

In today’s world, it’s important for people to feel connected to each other. To build that connectivity, people form communities. This allows individuals to interact with each other within a common environment. Whether they are religious, political, work-related, or hobby-related, … Continue Reading


Customer feedback integration: It’s not a choice, ‘it’s a necessity’

The importance of customer feedback Many companies find it difficult to acquire customer feedback in a timely and useful manner. Customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups are used by most companies to develop products, but the data provided is either … Continue Reading

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This holiday season, ask for employee feedback and make them feel valued

Employee feedback is just as important as customer feedback Take a moment to think about your employees. Why were they hired? Your employees were most likely hired because of their skills, knowledge and potential to strengthen your organization. Because employees … Continue Reading

Creating Customer Loyalty

What is Customer Loyalty? Customer loyalty is the notion that customers are faithful, devoted and attached to specific products and companies that satisfy their needs. Loyalty is generated from attitudes and feelings customer’s associate with a particular product which then … Continue Reading

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Gathering user comments through conversation

It’s no secret that the best feedback and comments about a product will come from the ones who use it. Gathering user comments provides companies with ways to measure customer satisfaction and gain insight into what their customers really want. … Continue Reading


The Voice of the Customer

New Year’s resolution: Listen to the “voice of the customer” and take action Today, it is impossible to read an article or blog on managing customer interactions without seeing the term “voice of the customer”. It has become a key … Continue Reading


Overcoming the Obstacles of the Feedback Letter

You surely know by now that customer satisfaction is they key to a successful business. Companies have long wrote feedback letters to customers, asking them to send in a feedback letter with their thoughts and ideas. However, feedback letters often … Continue Reading

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A User Driven Approach To Product Development

What is user driven content? User driven content is information that has been heavily influenced by the opinions, thoughts and ideas of individuals. The notion is that customers are no longer spectators but collaborative partners in business development. Today, customers … Continue Reading