Company resolutions we hope you set for 2012

The beginning of a new year is logically – and psychologically – the best time to give your company a makeover and your employees a fresh start. Hence, while we have your attention, we at OneDesk would like to take … Continue Reading

google plus

Market Penetration Projection the Google Way

Yesterday, Google released the news that they had hit their 62 millionth registered Google Plus user. Along with this came some impressive statistics pertaining to their projections– and that’s an understatement. As statistician Paul Allen (not to be confused with … Continue Reading

email management

Email management simplified

The need for an effective email integration system Managing time effectively has always been a challenge for all of us. A recent study by telephony company Fonality and research firm Webtorials, on workplace behavior and email management techniques, found that … Continue Reading

got issues

Awesome Holiday Presents for Product Managers

Product managers: Superheroes! To quote Pragmatic Marketing, “product managers are really superheroes in disguise!” According to Pragmatic Marketing’s 2010 Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey, most product managers feel they are doing three job at the same time, have a … Continue Reading

Why Companies and Consumers Need Couples Counselling

Part 1 In our increasingly disposable world – geared in every way toward the act of consuming, it’s no wonder that the things we buy seem increasingly less usable and reliable. While offshore manufacturing and cheap dollar store knock offs … Continue Reading

Employee Productivity: Web 2.0 to the Rescue

Help! The days are too short! It’s easy to get distracted at work. Think about it – how many times do you check your personal email, log in to your Facebook account, and use your cell phone to text about … Continue Reading

Innovation model: A new framework

A new business innovation model for co-creation These teams cannot make breakthrough contributions to the organization without the right innovation model that allows for a more collaborative, fluid and dynamic communication process. A recent article in Forbes, explores a new … Continue Reading

king of ideas

Ideational Implications: Investing in Intangibles

One of the problems facing product-based businesses today is the constant pursuit to stay at the fore-front of uniqueness: to keep a steady flow of idea creation between consumers, product managers, and R&D in order to create originality of brand … Continue Reading

OneDesk reviewed on

We are thrilled to announce that OneDesk has been featured on Objective and comprehensive reviews of SaaS and cloud apps. Here is what Rob S. had to say about OneDesk: “OneDesk should be considered when centralizing and simplifying product … Continue Reading

Social organization: What makes it one?

Social organization does not mean social media If someone were to ask you if your business is a social organization, what would you say? Good question, right? Many companies are stating to understand that it’s important to “go social,” however, … Continue Reading