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Managing Innovation: Now What?

Trends in managing innovation There is a plethora of articles written on the importance of innovation management in the product development process. However, many managers are still asking for concrete resources and tools to get them and their teams passed … Continue Reading

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Help Desk applications in OneDesk

Have you ever felt like you were struggling to keep your customer issues organized? If your business receives customer issues through different channels, you may find it hard at times at to keep track of which customer questions you have … Continue Reading

We’ve been featured on Innovation Management!

We invite you to read our recently published article, Building Your Innovation Toolbox for Successful Co-Creation, at, to learn about the best practices for integrating a co-creation strategy into your product and service development process. Thank you to Karin … Continue Reading

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Social Media in Business

Companies are slowly getting used to the idea that social media in business is important. A recent poll by Robert Half Technology shows that the use of social media in business has increased by 22 per cent since 2009. More … Continue Reading

OneDesk features powerful automation tools

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could automate some of the routine and common tasks in our lives? (You are nodding your head in agreement, I presume.) Imagine a machine that automatically makes coffee at the exact same time every … Continue Reading

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Innovation and Idea Management with OneDesk

Innovation enables businesses to stand out in the marketplace and become more successful. All it takes to jump-start the innovation process is one great idea. However, finding that revolutionary idea is not always easy. A company may need to go … Continue Reading

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OneDesk: Raising the bar on customer service

With the advent and increasing popularity of social networking, help for customers is no longer just a phone call or email away. Organizations are quickly realizing that customers can also get help through Tweets and Facebook posts. The process of … Continue Reading

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New feature on OneDesk: Social Media Monitoring

A couple of weeks ago, while gearing up for the release of OneDesk, our team embarked on a full Q.A session and thoroughly tested the software to ensure that everything worked flawlessly. We hooked up a test Twitter account to … Continue Reading

Introducing OneDesk: Your social product innovation platform

OneDesk helps businesses become more social We are very excited to announce the release of OneDesk and the addition of several great new applications including: Social Media Monitoring: Listen, engage and respond to your customers on the social web, such … Continue Reading

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User Experience vs. Customer Experience

We at OneDesk have always preached that companies should strive to provide the best customer experience. However, customer experience often gets confused with user experience. The two terms are closely related and often used interchangeably; organizations are constantly trying to … Continue Reading