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How to innovate with customers

Challenging question: How to innovate with customers? The advent of social technology has created great opportunities for you to collaborate with your customers and make them active co-creators in the product and service development process. You know the importance of … Continue Reading


Innovation quotes to inspire your team

Summer has officially started! We thought we would lighten up the mood and share some of our favorite innovation quotes. It’s important to promote an innovation culture within your business, therefore, feel free to inspire your teammates with the following … Continue Reading

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Product feedback: Communication breakdown

Product feedback management is challenging As organizations in all industries race against the clock to get customer pleasing products to market faster than the competition and at a lower cost, customers are clamoring to get more involved in the development … Continue Reading

Customer expectations and social 2.0

Customer expectations and the Social Business According to Esteben Kolsky, former Gartner analyst and founder of ThinkJar, it is not enough for social businesses to simply meet customer expectations. Social business, which refers to business with aspirations to leverage social … Continue Reading

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Social business strategy insights

Your social business strategy: A staple of product development “Social business is no longer a nice to have, but is now a business imperative to improve customer communication and engagement, build loyal partner networks and improve internal collaboration.” – Jim … Continue Reading

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Group innovation: The right way

Group innovation – Not always smooth “Innovation is a team sport. There’s a dynamic that happens between people that produces results I just don’t see with an individual.” — Drew Boyd, Innovation leader and educator, blogger of Innovation in Practice … Continue Reading

Product failures and how to avert them

The increase in new product failure rates Organizations are actively seeking new ways to fuse innovation into their current product development strategies. The cost of not innovating is extremely high and organizations unable to do so, risk lagging behind their … Continue Reading


Collaboration strategy: Online or not?

Choosing a collaboration strategy According to Jeff Stamps, co-founder and chief scientist of NetAge, “Virtual teams can work faster and particularly more innovatively.” Many companies are turning to online collaboration in hopes of creating a stronger innovation culture within their … Continue Reading


New product ideas fuel business growth

Innovating with new product ideas It is no secret that many organizations find it challenging to remain dominant in today’s constantly shifting marketplace. Innovation is the key to managing these challenges and to survival. This starts with the ability to … Continue Reading

Innovation Platforms: Enhance development

  What are innovation platforms Innovation platforms are “spaces” that enable individuals and organizations to come together to address issues of mutual concern and interest. As companies realize that collaborative product development and R&D strategies open doors to innovation, which … Continue Reading