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New product introduction: Ready for takeoff

The new product introduction checklist If you are a product manager you most likely love making checklists (am I right?). During the product development management process, there is no greater satisfaction than being able to check off or cross off … Continue Reading

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Innovation Culture: A motivating mindset

Why create an innovation culture? Innovation is one of the hottest topics in today’s business world. All companies want to be “innovative.” But what does this really mean? According to Stephen Shapiro, “innovation is ‘an organization’s ability to adapt and … Continue Reading

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Collaboration Management: Risky Business

Challenges involved in collaboration management With the popularity of the social web and increased reliance on social product development technology, collaboration management presents many challenges. Here are three: Ensuring good communication among development team members: This could prove to be … Continue Reading

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New Product Development: Changing

Launching a new product can open doors for your company and bring promising opportunities. Without the introduction of new products, most companies see a decline in the business’ growth and profit. Developing new products, however, is always risky. So what … Continue Reading

Co-creators: Shaping product development

Co-creators to the rescue! “In the last three years, this interaction has become even more intimate. Consumers are wielding greater influence earlier on in the product development process, and are now contributing their ideas even before a product hits the … Continue Reading

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Company goals: Achieving them

Why it’s important to set company goals To be able to grow and reach full potential, a company must set company goals, and meet them. Company goals also inspire employees to drive a business’ success rate. Therefore, when setting company … Continue Reading

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Product design and development

Innovating the product design and development process Today, organizations want to be recognized as “innovative” and “cutting edge” by their customers, and stakeholders. Influenced by dramatic changes in the economy, technology and social trends, leading organizations want to change the … Continue Reading

Client relationship management modernized

Client relationship management in a high-tech age If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. — Jeff Bezos If … Continue Reading

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Product Innovation Management: Challenges

Product Innovation Management and the burning questions With an ever growing ability to bring new products to market at record-breaking speeds, product and marketing managers are struggling with these questions: How can we create innovative products that trump the competition … Continue Reading

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Business requirements: Managing them

Challenges in managing business requirements Managing business requirements is important for every company. It is a critical stage within product and service development as it serves to satisfy and retain customers. Managing business requirements can be challenging; misunderstandings can cause … Continue Reading