Business requirements: Managing them

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Product strategy: Tips for success

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Design and innovation: What customers love

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We are featured on!

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Sales process: Innovating it

The relationship between customers and sales people is an important one. If customers do not trust the sales people in your company, it may be time to innovate the sales process. As explains, “the role of your sales force … Read More

Client Feedback Management 2.0

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Community advice: Leads to innovation

Get strong community advice from your customers At OneDesk, we believe that listening to your customers and showing them that you care about their needs are the keys to providing a stellar customer experience and driving your business to success. … Read More

Website feedback: Managing insight

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Business collaboration: Innovate

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Knowledge management with OneDesk

What is knowledge management, and why are so many organizations embracing it? It has emerged as a process to create organizational learning through the management of people, processes and change. With the growing trend of social media and increased collaboration, … Read More