Social Collaboration: Get connected

The growth of social collaboration “Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies or between companies and their partners or customers.” -Andrew McAfee, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School Social collaboration is becoming more pervasive in … Continue Reading

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Innovation and creativity work together

Question: What is the difference between innovation and creativity? Innovation plays a huge role when it comes to building a stronger and more profitable business. However, many people confuse innovation with creativity. Before we go on, try to answer the … Continue Reading

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Organizational innovation: In’s and out’s

Organizational innovation defined I understand organizational innovation as the ability to identify and implement new, improved or creative methods of operation within the workplace. Relating to products and services, the goal of organizational innovation is introduce new or improved products … Continue Reading

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Insight management made easy

OneDesk makes the insight management process easy, especially when it comes to the most important step – gathering feedback from your customers. Our customer portal allows you to gain valuable feedback about your products or services much quicker than with … Continue Reading


Enterprise Collaboration: Going forward

Enterprise collaboration management in 2011 Fully engaging and collaborating with all internal and external stakeholders (including customers, business partners and employees) is becoming increasingly an integral part of the success of an organization, and to the creation of a competitive … Continue Reading

Online collaboration: Communication 2.0

Online collaboration is becoming essential for businesses to adhere to. It organizes and structures the planning and development processes, helps you get input from all stakeholders quicker, and helps get work done more efficiently. If we dig deeper, we can … Continue Reading

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Social product innovation: Closing the gap

Importance of the social web in social product development We all know the social web has a tremendous impact on product development and has promoted increased collaboration and social engagement within organizations of every size, in every industry. The increase … Continue Reading

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Collaboration and Communication: Different

Lesson from Celebrity Apprentice: Collaboration and communication are important No one wants to hear the words, “You’re fired!” especially this season’s cast of Celebrity Apprentice. Over the past couple of weeks, the show has shown some interesting interactions between cast … Continue Reading


Social engagement and NBC’s “The Voice”

Social engagement and the web The social web has had a tremendous impact on product development and has promoted increased collaboration and social engagement within organizations of every size, in every industry. Furthermore, the increase in availability of multiple social … Continue Reading

Feedback website: The 2.0 type

Advantages of feedback website “For every customer complaint, there are 26 other customers who have remained silent.” –Lee Resources Inc. For a business to be successful, soliciting feedback is critical. By doing so, your company can: Learn about what customers … Continue Reading