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Co-creating: Best practices

Co-creating: Going beyond the definition If you are not quite sure what co-creating means, I invite you to visit my past blog posts that explore some of the ways co-creation is used to enhance social product development. Beyond defining and … Continue Reading

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Collective intelligence: Innovation 2.0

“The real heart of Web 2.0 is collective intelligence, which I have defined as harnessing the network effect to build applications that get better the more people use them.” — Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media Collective intelligence is best … Continue Reading

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Lean Production: The basics

A simple definition of lean production   “Lean production is about defining value as perceived by the customer, actual features and services that they expect.” – @LeanMan According to, lean production is a process aimed at eliminating resources or … Continue Reading

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Collaboration tools: Help get things done

Contrary to popular belief, collaboration tools are nothing new. A collaboration tool can be anything that helps people collaborate. Before computers existed, paper was used as a collaboration tool. Today, almost everyone uses some form of technology to collaborate. Most … Continue Reading


Co-innovation: Fostering collaboration

Add co-innovation to your product management lexicon The world of product development has undergone an enormous face-lift and changed some of the most fundamental ways many industries do business. Companies struggling to maintain an advantage in fiercely competitive markets are … Continue Reading

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Ideas software: Innovate your website

Stand out with the help of ideas software Today’s leading companies all have one thing in common – they all realize that in order to bring the best products to market, they must find a way to stand out from … Continue Reading

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Feedback tools: Engage with your customers

Feedback tools enable you to Listen, Engage and Take Action Customer feedback management is a critical component of a successful client building and product development strategies. There are a multitude of methods to capture, analyze, manage and incorporate customer feedback … Continue Reading

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Mass customization: Creating value

Gaining the mass customization experience by designing M&Ms I recently found out that you can design your own M&Ms. Curious to find out what that meant, I decided to go to M&M’s website and try it. What captivated me about … Continue Reading

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Stakeholder engagement: Working together

What is stakeholder engagement? “It is difficult to overlook the importance of stakeholders in project and product development processes.” -Erika Roshdi, IMS Consulting Leading edge organizations are quickly recognizing the business benefits that increased stakeholder engagement creates, and have made … Continue Reading


360 degree feedback: Understand all sides

What is 360 degree feedback? 360 degree feedback, also known as multisource or multi-rater feedback, is a feedback management system in which feedback comes from all around an employee about their performance. This feedback is provided by their supervisor, co-workers, … Continue Reading