Track issues and tasks together

Track issues and tasks simultaneously with OneDesk We recently announced the addition of new Issue Tracking Management features that dramatically simplify and help to organize the project management process. It is now possible to track issues and bug fixes or … Continue Reading

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Development of New Product Iterations

So, you’ve released your product and surprisingly, it isn’t getting the kind of reception you had hoped. No one is purchasing. No one is even testing it out. The few that do don’t give any feedback. Suddenly you start second-guessing … Continue Reading

Live chat feature on our website

Live chat, quick answers, happy OneDeskers OneDesk is taking customer engagement to the next level. Our new live chat feature on the OneDesk website allows you to reach out and interact with us in real-time. Got a question? Need help? … Continue Reading

Definition of innovation: Some best ones

In today’s extremely competitive business society, innovation has become a key player in defining a business’ success. At OneDesk, we believe in the importance of coming up with innovative business and product ideas. Our innovation and ideas application works in … Continue Reading


Great customer service: Tips for success

Delivering great customer service Kate Leggett of Forrester recently wrote an article entitled Customer Service Done Right In 10 Easy Steps: Step 10 that offered helpful tips for organizations looking to improve their customer service levels and better align customer … Continue Reading

Product release made easy with OneDesk

How to use OneDesk to manage your product release OneDesk allows you to plan and keep track of releases and sub-projects with confidence, and ensure no information gets lost. Here’s how you can use OneDesk to facilitate your product release … Continue Reading

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Automation Service in Flight and in Office

In his latest article on the evolution of aerospace, “When Will We Have Unmanned Commercial Airliners?”, Philip E. Ross touches on an ever-growing shift in the Aerospace industry defined by new developments in automation service: “In the sphere of commercial … Continue Reading

Social Product Management Talk on Twitter

Understanding social product management Social product management is the next big thing and product managers across all industries are paying attention. Here at OneDesk, we believe that effectively adopting a social product management framework within an organization requires the right … Continue Reading

Social Marketing to Business Customer – OneDesk Book Reviews

In their anticipated and now acclaimed book, Social Marketing to the Business Customer, Veteran communicators Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman have hit the social web nail on the head. The product of years of consulting and conversations with industry insiders … Continue Reading

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Agile and Scrum explored in Product Management Journal

Agile and Scrum denoted: A review of Agile and its impact on product managers Product Management Journal, published by Product Focus, is the only publication geared the to the Telecoms and IT product management community. Its goal is to is … Continue Reading