Customer innovation: Driving business

Understanding customer innovation In his blog “The Design of Opportunity: Defining Customer Innovation”, Chris Lawer, Managing Director of Strategyn UK & CEO-Founder of ZinC, explains that customer innovation incorporates several different concepts that help to address the changing needs of … Continue Reading


Product lifecycle management: Challenging

Product lifecycle management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product. This involves managing all data relating to the design, production, support, sale and bringing the product to market. Successfully managing this process is rarely a smooth … Continue Reading

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Co-create value: Leverage customer insight

  “Customers are fundamentally changing the dynamics of the marketplace. The market has become a forum in which consumers play an active role in creating and competing for value.” -Venkat Ramaswamy Customers and designers work together to co-create innovative products … Continue Reading


Feedback and comments: Building innovation

Feedback and comments – initiating conversations on the web You’ve probably noticed by now that most of the sites you surf on the web incite you to leave feedback and comments. Whether you are reading a blog, a news site, … Continue Reading

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Reasons to get feedback from customers

What is your organization doing to get feedback from your customers? If you are still collecting feedback the traditional way (through surveys, focus groups, questionnaires) you may be missing opportunities to truly engage with your customers and create long-lasting productive … Continue Reading


Business feedback: Improving communication

Why business feedback is important Building a successful business takes work. In order to outperform competitors, businesses today need to ensure that they implement the essential strategies to effectively build partnerships, intellectual resources, to promote an idea, product, or service, … Continue Reading


Co-Creation and New Product Development

What is customer co-creation? Dave Sloan, CEO of Treehouse Logic, defines customer co-creation as the “practice of allowing customers to build their own products”. Through the sharing of their ideas and suggestions, customers become collaborative members of the product development … Continue Reading

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Feedback management: One step further

We are often asked about what makes OneDesk stand out. First and foremost, we want to let everyone know that our mission is to make jobs easier, and do so, we are always keeping up with the latest trends in … Continue Reading

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Market-driven product development

What is market-driven product development? Market-driven product development (MDPD) helps teams obtain greater understanding of their customers’ needs and then take action to develop successful products aligned with customer expectations and marketplace demand. MDPD is a customer-centric approach that has … Continue Reading

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Product management and marketing: Different

Product management and marketing explained When it comes to defining the roles of product management and marketing, many are often confused as to how to do so. This is because these roles vary from company to company. Generally, the role … Continue Reading