Provide feedback channels for customer

Open the doors to your customers by allowing them to provide feedback Whether you are venturing into a new market, re-branding an existing product or introducing a new one, your organization needs to give customers a vehicle to provide feedback. … Continue Reading


Product Management System: Connects people

While the product manager’s role varies from industry to industry, one thing remains the same; product managers are very busy people. Product managers are responsible for, well, developing products. This involves defining the product strategy and roadmap, performing market research, … Continue Reading

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Customers’ data: Invaluable insight

Customers’ data provides valuable information In an era where people are comfortable voicing their opinions, online, about products and services, companies can determine customer needs by strategically collecting and integrating customers’ data (feedback, suggestions, ideas, issues, questions, etc.) into the … Continue Reading


Online survey tools: Flexible

The benefits of using online survey tools It’s no surprise that companies are increasingly turning to online survey tools in hope of gathering customer feedback. In doing so, they can learn about what their customers think and need, and use … Continue Reading

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Community comments: Unlocking value

The impact of community comments on your business Customers are online right now talking about your products and services, and when you become part of this conversation you can realize the actual quantifiable return for investing in community comments. There … Continue Reading

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Customer Lifetime Value: Useful Formula

In my last blog post discussing the customer lifecycle value (CLV), I mentioned that the CLV is used to calculate the customer lifetime value, and promised I would elaborate on it. Understanding the customer lifetime value The customer lifetime value … Continue Reading

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Feedback forms: Online collaboration

The importance of the feedback form A little while ago I posted an article about the importance of site feedback. The advice I gave was to gather feedback, using a feedback form that is well designed, user friendly, and above … Continue Reading


Customer Lifecycle Value: Increasing customer retention

Every company should understand the concept known as the customer lifecycle value. As the team continuously preaches about how important it is for businesses to satisfy customers in order to retain them, you will hopefully learn something new today – … Continue Reading

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Customer response management: Tips for success

Managing and improving the quality of customer responses Though the term can take on several meanings, in this case “customer response management” is defined as the steps an organization takes to address the needs of their customers. How does an … Continue Reading

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Give ideas and drive innovation

Customers: It’s useful to give ideas to companies First off, our team would like to thank you all for trying our software, and more importantly, for all the feedback you have given us. Your comments, whether positive or negative, always … Continue Reading