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Web Survey: Helpful but challenging

What is a web survey? Before we talk about the web survey, let’s start by discussing what a survey is. A survey is a method of gathering information from a number of individuals, known as a sample, in order to … Continue Reading

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User feedback: Are you paying attention?

User feedback: Business implications Before we talk about user feedback, let’s explore one important question: Are your customers the central focus of your business? If you do not operate with the fundamental belief that everything must revolve around attracting and … Continue Reading

Client response: Increase it

Are you receiving enough client response? You know you’re receiving positive client response when your existing clients keep knocking at your door for more of your product or service. If you are finding it difficult to retain your clients and … Continue Reading

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Client Management Software – Simplified

Client management: What is it? Providing great customer service and seizing opportunities to increase sales revenues from every client interaction requires good record keeping and tracking processes. Keeping client information current and available to everyone who interacts with them is … Continue Reading

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Innovative Ideas: Important!

Innovative ideas – what are they about? Businesses are increasingly realizing that it is getting more important to come up with, and manage innovative ideas. But what exactly does this mean? According to an article on, innovation nowadays is … Continue Reading

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Ideas management: Promoting innovation

Ideas management: Involve everyone Does your company give customers the opportunity to submit their ideas regarding product development or service improvements to key decision-makers? Does your company use customer and employee ideas to ensure the right products and services are … Continue Reading

Innovation in the Workplace

In light of the new year, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce a term you may or may not be familiar with – innovation. The word “innovation” is quickly skyrocketing in the business world; it’s everywhere. … Continue Reading


User community: Drive innovation

User community: Building a competitive advantage Connecting customers, partners and employees can be difficult. Elements, such as, real-time insight, meaningful feedback and a collaborative work process, can combine to create a culture capable of thriving during difficult times. The active … Continue Reading

Customer database software: Why you need it.

In today’s competitive business world, many businesses are increasingly using a customer database in an attempt to manage their customer relationships to increase both sales and customer satisfaction. A customer database is useful to have as it helps businesses: – … Continue Reading

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Customer Research: Effective methods

Customer research: Behavior patterns Are you interested in improving your understanding of how your customers think? Do you have an efficient customer research system that provides useful data for decision-making? In today’s networked world, customers are increasingly expressing themselves online. … Continue Reading