Social technologies: Useful in business?

The adoption of social technologies in the workplace In October of 2010, IDC shared their findings from a Social Business Survey regarding the adoption of social technologies and social business within the workplace. Quite positive, their results indicated a “rapidly … Read More

Product roadmap planning with OneDesk

A few weeks ago, we wrote about what’s New in OneDesk: Release Management and Product Roadmapping. We thought we would help you get started on planning your product roadmaps. Creating a roadmap in OneDesk is easy. Just follow the instructions … Read More

We are featured on Social Media Today!

OneDesk has been featured on Social Media Today. In his article, Social Media – Changing the Nature of “Product Requirements” Forever, Hollis Tibbetts, Principal Analyst at Artemis Ventures LLC, highlights the importance of social media technology in the product development … Read More

Online conversations happening right now

Are you listening? Listening to online conversations can help your company learn about what is being said about your brands, company, products, services, industry, and competitors. OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool was developed to help you listen to online conversations … Read More

Online community: Lessons from Battlefield 3

Of all the online communities, the most engaged are the members of video game communities. Video game enthusiasts or “gamers”, are highly involved individuals who devote countless hours interacting with products, namely, video games. They are also very well connected … Read More

Collaborative learning with web 2.0

The definition of collaborative learning is a no brainer – it is a system in which two or more people work together to learn something. However, understanding the concept of collaborative learning, and knowing how to make it work is … Read More

Innovation in practice: Beyond theory

Innovation in practice: Four resourceful blog sites Here are four blogs that provide great insight on how to move beyond theory and manage innovation in practice: Innovation Tools: Here you will find all the latest innovation trends, news, technology, resources … Read More

Social networks: Dynamic solutions

Social networks: Connecting internal employees “If you put 10 people in a meeting room and ask them to collaborate, they won’t come up with anything more creative than finding a way to kill one another in the parking lot.” In … Read More

Happy International Project Management Day!

Did you know that today is International Project Management Day? When you think about it, everything around you from your pen to your laptop was engineered and designed by a group with a passion for product and project management. It’s … Read More

Social technology: Reinventing engagement

Social technology: Impacting everything In today’s business age, social technology is changing the way businesses operate. The use of social technology changes the way companies collaborate internally, as well as externally. The impact that social technology has on brands and … Read More