Business social media is evolving

As a believer and promoter of business social media, we at OneDesk are very active on social networks. We keep our users, blog readers and peers in the industry updated on what we are doing, and share tips and ideas … Continue Reading


Develop products that stick

How do we develop products customers will love? We always ask ourselves, what do our customers really want? We often debate whether customers even really know what they want. However, one thing that is certain and unchanging is that customers … Continue Reading

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Product engineering and co-creation

News for product managers: The project engineering team is your friend Product managers often refer to their colleagues on the engineering team as if they are talking about a totally different world. However, in order to develop stellar products and … Continue Reading

View our guest post on On Product Management

We invite you to read our guest post, What can Tacos Teach Product Managers about Social Product Development?, on the OPM blog, to learn how product managers can integrate social media monitoring tools into the product development process. Related blog … Continue Reading

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Help desk management: A few helpful tips

Improving your help desk management strategy Here are a few ways to engage with your customers and improve your help desk management process: Tip #1: Integrate your help desk with other business processes: Any support inquiries that come through the … Continue Reading

Social media strategy and why you need one

Social media strategy? Yes, exactly. You may not realize it, but social media is a very broad term. It includes social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, multimedia sharing sites like You Tube and Flickr, social bookmarking sites such as … Continue Reading

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Continued innovation and the gaming industry

Continued innovation: Challenges for product managers Dr. Jim Anderson, also known as the “Billion Dollar Product Manager”, recently wrote a post that I found to be quite interesting and relevant to the issues surrounding new product innovation. If you need … Continue Reading

Web collaboration: Making virtual teams work

Making a smooth transition to web collaboration With the increasing development of new web 2.0 technologies, “virtual teams” are becoming more popular. Those making the transition to web collaboration may find themselves facing many challenges. Communication needs to be accurate. … Continue Reading

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Business processes: Integrating them

A vital need for integrated business processes It is evident that the social web has provided customers with an outlet to voice their opinions related to products and services and organizations have responded by integrating more elaborate customer support applications … Continue Reading

Project planning with OneDesk

At OneDesk, we know that successful project management starts with organized project planning. Hence, our easy-to-use project planning tool provides project managers with all the features they need to make the process planning process a smooth one. Steps to efficient … Continue Reading