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Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social: Technology Assessment

The speed of innovation today is very much a product of the increasing connectedness, not just of individuals, but the networks, applications and content we create and use. In this installment of our “Pragmatic Marketing Goes social” series we are … Continue Reading

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Web-based co-creation: creating new efficiencies

Advances in technology and changes in social trends, have kick started a new wave of blisteringly efficient responses from organizations to the ever changing needs of the market.And web-based co-creation is at its center. The following video from the folks … Continue Reading

Customer interaction: Vital to innovation

How to turn customer interactions into product gold The social web has rapidly become the preferred channel to engage with customers. As a result, it has become a top priority for many organizations looking to strengthen their customer interaction management … Continue Reading

Tackling your issue list with OneDesk

The trick to resolving your issues quickly is to first be able organize your issue list so that you can have an easier time tracking them. When there are a lot of issues on your list, an excel sheet just … Continue Reading

Gauging customers satisfaction

Opinions: eternally held, but until recently, not globally shared. Users can take either of two angles on this trend towards public sharing of all opinions. On the one hand, those looking to become broadcast channels may bemoan with much gnashing … Continue Reading

Customer expectations: Ask the right questions

  Managing customer expectations in the era of social connectedness It’s a fact. Poor service will no longer be tolerated by your customers. Increasingly, customers are going online, to interact with blogs and social networks to get a better understanding … Continue Reading

OneDesk Introduces a New Way to Get up and Running Quickly (Press Release)

Role-Specific On-Ramp Allows Users to Easily Navigate across a Unified Product Platform MONTREAL, May 23, 2012– OneDesk Inc., provider of the world’s first all-in-one customer-centric solution for innovators, engineers, marketers, support, and product managers, is pleased to announce the addition … Continue Reading

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Task tool tip: Uploading CSV files

Task tool spotlight: Using the tools button to upload CSV files The “tools” button is one OneDesk’s most popular features. When it comes to managing projects and tasks, this task tool can save you many hours of work. Imagine needing … Continue Reading

Social Media Trends – So long to sharing?

When everything we’re pushed to do revolves around sharing, consumers are becoming more aware that companies have a vested interest in encouraging them to do so. Is the general notion of sharing threatened with becoming obsolete? Social media trends – … Continue Reading

Quality customer satisfaction and value

It is no secret that in today’s marketplace, nothing less than exceptional quality customer service will drive quality customer satisfaction. Innovative organizations know that they must go beyond meeting the needs of customers and provide high quality service that consistently … Continue Reading