Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects

Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects We’ve heard your concerns, and are pleased to say we have acted on them. You’ve told us that tracking issues, tasks, feedback, requirements and any other item you are managing can be … Read More

Building product roadmaps with OneDesk

Building product roadmaps: There is an easier way Building product roadmaps, that are data-driven, is the key to tackling all of the challenges and managing expectations during the various stages of development. But, what does this all really mean? Essentially … Read More

Assigned Task-Tracking with OneDesk

Assigned task-tracking using the assignment scheduler OneDesk comes with an innovative Assignment Scheduler, which allows you to view and schedule resource workload over time and keep track of your entire team’s assigned tasks. With OneDesk’s Assignment Scheduler, you can also: … Read More

New product development insights: Interview with Boris Golden from Pealk

I recently spoke with Boris Golden, Lead Product Manager at Pealk, a great new product out of Paris, France that aims to dramatically simplify the way we engage with professionals on LinkedIn. Boris expressed an interest in OneDesk, specifically to … Read More

Business Roadmap-Building in One Minute

New video series demonstrates easy business roadmap-building The business roadmap is an essential aspect of any organization’s strategic plan. A solid business roadmap allows the entire team to be on the same page about the entire team’s strategic vision. It … Read More

Shattering Perceptions – a Customer Feedback Master Class from Google

Google’s recent announcement of a portable HUD prototype is a master class in the importance of customer feedback. What looks like a simple call for public opinion has in fact gained the giant two very valuable assets: a wealth of … Read More

Identify gaps in your product strategy

Identify gaps and dysfunctions within your organization We recognize that our customers have unique business needs. That is why we have launched a few different Webinars tracks to help them identify gaps in their product development process: Turning Customer Feedback … Read More

OneDesk Sponsors Toronto Product Management Association

OneDesk Sponsors Toronto Product Management Association We are happy to announce that OneDesk is now a proud sponsor of the Toronto Product Management Association (TPMA). We at OneDesk are dedicated to building the best product platform and we are very … Read More

Product owner: What does it take?

Demystifying the role of the product owner in your organization What does a product owner actually do? Is this key role well-defined in your organization? For many teams, the actual responsibilities of a product owner are often unclear. Why is … Read More

Project estimation: Better from the bottom-up

A good project estimation process is the basis of successful project planning. However, project estimation is not always an easy process. High-level project estimations are often laid out before activity-level project estimations. And, if these projected costs and durations are … Read More