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Multichannel customer service: A happy ending

The importance of multichannel customer engagement The social web has rapidly become the preferred channel to engage with customers. As a result, it has become a top priority for many organizations looking to strengthen their customer relationship management strategy. However, … Continue Reading

Worklog management simplified

If you’ve recently taken a look inside our application, you probably noticed that we have added many new features, as well as made some changes to existing features. Our mission in adding and changing features goes hand-in-hand in with our … Continue Reading


Data-driven product development: OneDesk

Product-focused, data-driven In last week’s Webinar, I provided a high level overview of OneDesk and some of the ways that it can help product professionals , listen and engage with customers, make better decisions, and take action based on data-driven … Continue Reading


New Webinar Topic: Turning Customer Feedback into Product Gold

New webinar topic: Turning Customer Feedback into Product Gold The ability to drive innovation throughout your organization and outperform your competitors depends on two things: Having an effective method of capturing feedback from customers Being able to manage and incorporate … Continue Reading

Ideation Methods: Seamless Integration of Ideas in Product Process

From ideation methods to execution strategies OneDesk is a platform for product development, foregrounding the importance of customer feedback within ideation process and removing barriers to let information move seamlessly through the whole product development process. In short: The seamless … Continue Reading

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Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social: Distinctive Competence

Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social – Episode 3 – Distinctive Competence Before the spring break we got a pretty good head of steam on our Pragmatic Marketing Framework Goes Social series. But now as I look at the giant grid of … Continue Reading

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PLM blog reviews OneDesk

OneDesk featured on Clarity on PLM Jim Brown is the president of Tech-Clarity. Jim is a seasoned expert and analyst in software solutions for manufacturers with a strong focus on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and other … Continue Reading

Customer support software: Tips for choosing one

Investing in customer support software is the key to providing outstanding customer service. Whether you work in an enterprise-class organization, or for a small startup company, good customer support software helps ensure a flawless customer experience. How to choose the … Continue Reading

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Product Manager Meme

The Product Manager Meme   Finally, a meme for the product manager If you have spent any time browsing the social web lately, you have probably seen the “What People Think I Do” memes spreading like wildfire across millions of … Continue Reading

New Article: How to Deal with Collaboration Breakdown

In her most recent article How to Deal with Collaboration Breakdown published on On Product Management, OneDesk’s marketing specialist Catherine Constantinides looks at the challenges of collaboration from a product manager’s standpoint and identifies common pain-points within organizational collaboration. She … Continue Reading