Product comments: Love is in the air!

These days, organizations place so much emphasis on reputation management and discovering what customers don’t like about products and services. Evidently, having a good grasp on the demands of the marketplace is important, but what about all of those great … Continue Reading

Collaboration software: Why are they popular?

The benefits of collaboration software Collaboration software, i.e. software that connects people and helps them achieve a common goal, is gaining popularity in the business world. The list of benefits associated with using collaboration software is endless. Here are a … Continue Reading

Creating requirements from feedback

Whether your focus is Project Management, Product Management or Product Marketing you can use OneDesk to develop and deliver better products to market faster. Creating requirements from one or more pieces of feedback As a product professional, you must select … Continue Reading

Requirement tools and methods

What requirement tools do you prefer? A critical component of a successful product development process is requirements management. Within this process, generating product requirements from several different sources, such as customer feedback, support issues, and company objectives, can be challenging. … Continue Reading

Security concerns about SaaS and using Onedesk

Security concerns about cloud computing addressed In an age where efficiency, productivity and cost-saving measures need to be maximized in the office, cloud computing is taking over the corporate world by storm. The advantages of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS-based applications … Continue Reading

Managing teams with OneDesk

New methods for managing teams and increasing results Organizations and team leaders are looking towards social business to provide better methods for managing teams. In a recent blog post my colleague, Kim, highlighted the critical role teamwork plays in product … Continue Reading

Software for teamwork: A solution for every role

“The best method of overcoming obstacles is the team method.” – Colin L. Powell There is no question that teamwork plays a big role in ensuring productivity and success in any situation, especially when it comes to corporate success. In … Continue Reading

Company announcements made easy with OneDesk

Keeping your team up-to-date on something relating to a project can sometimes be challenging, especially if there is something the whole team needs to know right away. Sending out the latest news, company announcements, or even just sharing industry news … Continue Reading

tasks on postit

Requirements gathering and beyond

Requirements gathering the right way “Good product managers do not just gather requirements — they understand unmet needs, existing problems, and opportunities for improvement…” – Jeff Lash, How to be Good Product Manager Even though the negative implications of poorly … Continue Reading

OneDesk: Easy-to-use software with improved navigation

Talk about easy-to-use software – OneDesk’s has a new and improved interface! OneDesk has a new and improved interface. At OneDesk, our goal is to make your job easier, and what better way is there to do that than develop … Continue Reading