most searched words in 2012

Most searched words in 2012 – Google’s annual Zeitgeist report

Most searched words in 2012 show that the world is going social While trillions of worldwide searches were conducted on 2012’s most talked-about topics, including the London 2012 Olympics, the death of Whitney Houston, and viral pop-hit Gangnam Style, a … Continue Reading

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Do we really need product managers?

“Everyone is blissfully happy and nothing could be better.” That’s how Patrick Collison, co-founder of new Start-up, Stripe, describes their work environment. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? <I stumbled across an interesting article on Forbes today. The article is exact copy … Continue Reading


4 Tips for Using Enterprise Collaboration Tools Effectively

In a desperate rush to structure product or service-related conversations and get things done faster, more and more companies are turning to enterprise collaboration tools. However, many companies rush to implement collaboration tools without considering many important aspects and without … Continue Reading

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The OneDesk blog page has a new look!

Today we’re unveiling OneDesk’s new and improved blog look! We love our audience and we are always looking for ways to improve their online customer experience; that’s why we are always updating our brand to reflect the quality of our … Continue Reading

onedesk interface

OneDesk Tip: Facilitating Inter-office Communication

Message someone who is not in your contact list OneDesk makes inter-office communication easier. You can send a message to and chat with any OneDesk user, whether they are part of your organization or not. . Who is automatically added … Continue Reading

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Capture great product ideas

Great ideas start with OneDesk Pointless meetings – ones that lack direction, relevancy, and end without new ideas about how to move forward with the product development process. Sure, every product manager knows about them, and have experienced them on … Continue Reading

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The Pope is on Twitter…and We Think That’s Awesome!

Monday mornings in the OneDesk office are probably just like any typical mornings in any other office. We greet each other with stories of what we did over the weekend, and express how they are always too short. As the … Continue Reading

project management talk

Upcoming webcast: The Rules of Requirements

Exploring the rules of requirements In order to optimize their requirements management process, companies must first understand the key components of requirements management. I recently came across (thanks Cindy F Solomon, for the invite!) a webcast, hosted by ProductMgmt Talk, … Continue Reading

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Managing multiple tasks and issues with easy viewing options

Why OneDesk makes managing multiple tasks and issues a breeze The beauty of using OneDesk is that it allows you to easily view all the tasks and issues you are assigned to, in one view. With OneDesk issues and tasks … Continue Reading

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Implement a worker driven planning approach

Adopting a bottom-up or worker-driven management style One of the most common styles adopted in project management is the bottom-up (also known as “worker-driven”) approach. This means that all project decisions and directions are established by top level executives. The … Continue Reading