Lowering Costs & Risks Through Social Product Development

Lowering Costs & Risks Through Social Product Development Among the harsh realities of managing products is the very real possibility that once all the work creating, improving and launching a product is done, it simply doesn’t fly. While the jeopardy … Continue Reading

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Cloud platform OneDesk featured on ZDNet

A cloud platform for collaborative product management OneDesk has been featured on ZDNet. In her article, Cloud platform supports product development activities, Heather Clancy, award-winning business and technology journalist, discusses some of the main features and business benefits of OneDesk: … Continue Reading

Agile methods and trends: A new blog series

Incorporating agile methods into product development Evidently “going agile” it is not as easy as turning a light switch on and off. With increasing responsibilities and workloads, Product Managers sometimes find it challenging to manage their product development teams while … Continue Reading

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Support cases: Managing and filtering them in OneDesk

With OneDesk, the customer service, help desk, or case management process is easier. We at OneDesk recognize that many companies face the challenge of gathering and sorting out a large amount of support cases. OneDesk allows you to capture support … Continue Reading

OneDesk Releases Public API (Press Release)

New public API enables integration of OneDesk with third party applications MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OneDesk Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new public Application Program Interface (API), expanding the power and reach of its all-in-one blended application for product … Continue Reading

Creating a poll to obtain customer feedback

Since your customers are the ones who use your products or services, they know what works best and what doesn’t. One of the best ways to find out what satisfies your customers is to conduct surveys. However, not all types … Continue Reading

Receiving feedback through the customer portal

With OneDesk, receiving feedback from customers is easy. Your OneDesk account comes with a customer portal that makes it easy for your customers to provide feedback, and for you to understand their needs. You can also gather customer-suggested improvements by … Continue Reading

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OneDesk Webinar Fridays – Integrating your team into the Product Development Process

How quickly a week goes by! Last Friday was our first weekly Webinar of the year, and we’ve already had a great deal of positive feedback from all of the clients, press and analysts that attended. Thanks to everyone who … Continue Reading

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Collaborative Innovation: A Use Case

From time to time, OneDesk publishes “pie-in-the-sky” use cases to describe a certain issue or set of issues that a company or organization can face, and how OneDesk can ultimately benefit said company by providing a collaborative cloud-based solution to … Continue Reading

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Project Management and the Social PM

Leveraging social technologies into an agile project management environment We have seen a dramatic shift in the project management process: From task-oriented towards a more social and agile project management approach. In my recent article, The Social PM Approach, I … Continue Reading