Microsoft Project files: Importing them into OneDesk

OneDesk allows you to import .mpp or .mpt files into a sharespace. This allows all users to be interconnected. The imported projects can then be assigned and worked on. How to import Microsoft Project files into OneDesk: In your sharespace, … Continue Reading

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OneDesk Webinar Fridays: Week One!

Despite the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th, we have successfully kicked off our product-focused Webinar series with our first broadcast: Bringing Product People to The Table with OneDesk In 3 Easy Steps. OneDesk Webinar Fridays are designed to provide viewers … Continue Reading

Workplace Organization With The Collaboration Inbox

It’s a no-brainer – workplace organization i.e, keeping everyone in your company organized – is crucial. Lack of workplace organization can lead to negative consequences. Some of the effects may include forgotten appointments, unmet deadlines, lack of task priorities. Additionally, … Continue Reading

Bringing Product Teams to the Table – OneDesk Webinar Fridays

As we leap into 2012, OneDesk is excited to announce the launch of a new series of product-focused webinars we’ll be hosting each and every Friday. OneDesk Webinar Fridays will provide an introduction of the benefits of OneDesk along with … Continue Reading

Managing products: Challenges and goals

Challenges associated with managing products at every stage By now many of you have (hopefully) enjoyed some much needed time to wrap up 2011 and reflect on the year`s great, and not-so-great accomplishments. To highlight some of the issues involved … Continue Reading


External Stakeholder Engagement

In a recent issue of Industrial Management & Data Systems, Silvia Ayuso affirms the following regarding using external sources such as the customer to fuel active innovation: “captured stakeholder information allow firms to create intangible resources that are difficult to … Continue Reading

Customer emails: Capture them all

Steve Jobs was known to get directly involved with customer service, and for his willingness to interact with customers via email. He occasionally responded to customers who wrote in with computer problems, and even intervened on support calls. Because of … Continue Reading

Why Companies and Consumers need Couples Counselling – Part 2 (A new approach to market-aligned product management)

Just before the holidays in Part I of this post, I pointed to but a few of the symptoms of a what I see as a deeply dysfunctional relationship between companies and the consumers that buy their products. I cited … Continue Reading

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Roadmapping tools: Clear product insight

Roadmapping tools enable collaborative foresight Roadmapping can be a difficult process to manage as product managers try to keep up with changing marketplace needs and efficiently develop products in shorter developmental cycles. Meeting customer needs and managing the product roadmap … Continue Reading

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Manage Customers in Crisis

The last situation any company representative wants on their hands is a customer crisis– that untimely moment when suddenly, against all odds, at some point  in your customer care process, someone slips through the cracks. What makes these situations even … Continue Reading