Project Requirements Software: Using OneDesk

A more effective way to manage project requirements With OneDesk, you can manage your project requirements in a whole new way. Capture, validate, trace and maintain your project requirements, all while closely collaborating with your team members. Then, analyze them … Continue Reading

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Customer support system- OneDesk

Building a better customer support system It is no secret that providing exceptional online customer support presents many challenges to businesses: Difficult to manage high volume of support inquiries through various different social channels Rapidly rising and shifting customer expectations. … Continue Reading

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OneDesk’s Bug Manager: What You Asked For

At OneDesk, we believe in listening to customers and always encourage organizations to do so. We take all customer feedback and ideas into consideration and do our best to provide the best customer experience based on the information we receive … Continue Reading

Open business: McDonald’s gets it right

Food giant adopts an open business approach A few days ago, while browsing videos on our OneDesk YouTube page, I saw an ad for McDonald’s Canada new open business concept: A social media platform, called “Our Food. Your Questions,” that … Continue Reading

How to track communication in organizations

Ways to track communication in OneDesk Many organizations are finding it challenging to track communication within the company. Any manager or project leader knows that in order to for projects to go smoothly, seamless communications is the key. Therefore, many … Continue Reading

Defect management and issue tracking

Defect management just got fun! Being able to view and manage issues, tasks and projects from the same place just makes sense. While OneDesk is unique in the industry providing this unified view, we also provide a great deal of … Continue Reading

Preset Project Status and Workflows in OneDesk

The ability to set and customize your project status in OneDesk facilitates project and product management, as it keeps the whole team updated on the project or item during each stage. OneDesk also automatically triggers different project statuses and workflows … Continue Reading

IT Task List Management with OneDesk

At OneDesk, we understand that maintaining a prioritized IT task list can be challenging. We often hear IT companies and project managers that when it comes to managing an IT task list, many IT companies either don’t have the right … Continue Reading


Ask for input via the customer portal

Ask for input related to your products and services The whole OneDesk process stems around the idea that the best requirements are created from good feedback. One of the ways that we can ask for input regarding issues or ideas … Continue Reading

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OneDesk’s Task System: Easy Planning

OneDesk’s task system is unique as it allows you to track, manage and resolve issues and tasks in one combined view. This means that you have the ability to combine agile defect tracking with more traditional longer-term project management in … Continue Reading