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Client engagement strategy for 2014

A client engagement strategy should be at the top of every companies new year’s resolution list. I recently read a great article by Gil Cattelain clearly highlights this issue. states that “…a recent study by Korn/Ferry International indicates that customer … Continue Reading

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Customer Service Lessons From Santa Claus

I learned some of the most valuable customer service lessons from Santa Claus. Back when I was a student, I worked at a local mall during the holiday season as one of Santa’s elves. My job was, as they put … Continue Reading

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Why Agile Fails

There’s an ongoing debate on whether Agile really is the best methodology to follow to maximize product development. The use of Agile is constantly increasing. At the beginning of 2013, we took a look at the 2012 CHAOS report and … Continue Reading

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How to be a great product manager

“[The PM] is the key to success or failure. They can single handedly ruin a project.” Do you know how to be a great product manager? Though there have been countless articles written on this topic, in reality, there is … Continue Reading

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Organizing Projects in 5 Steps

Today’s date is 11/12/13. Project leaders are most likely hoping that this is a good omen, and that everything will go in order. Unfortunately, whether things go in order in under the project leader’s control. It’s a no-brainer – the … Continue Reading

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New product launch plan: 4 tips

Executing a new product launch plan Here are a few key points to incorporate into your new product launch plan: 1. Have a detailed plan and strategy. Think about which channels you will use to market and sell your new … Continue Reading

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New Roadmap Application in OneDesk

You asked, we listened. You may have noticed that we have been making changes to OneDesk over the past few weeks. That’s because we believe customers always come first and always do our best to meet their needs. Hence, we … Continue Reading

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Benefits of Business Collaboration

Product development is a risky process, especially in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Collaborative management is an integral component of successful product development and helps to reduce the risks of unnecessary product iterations, speed-up the time-to-market and ultimately create innovative, customer-centric … Continue Reading

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Product Launching Process Tips

There are many things that make a product successful. The quality of the product, customer demand, and market position are all things that every company knows they should focus on in order for their product to be successful. One thing … Continue Reading

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Retaining existing customers: The key to success

Measuring expectations is the key to retaining existing customers It is well known that customer satisfaction is measured by whether or not a company meets or exceeds customer’s expectations. We also know that the achievement of high levels of customer … Continue Reading