Project Management Presentation up on Slideshare

Did you know that a whopping 21% of projects fail? Why? Blame, poor project management. We created this slide infographic with some alarming project management statistics. Our Project Management Presentation In this SlideShare presentation, we provide our readers with a … Continue Reading

requirements management

The Real-Time Request System

OneDesk’s request system which allows users request information from each other in real time.   When a OneDesk user sends you a request, you will receive the notification in your collaboration inbox, in the requests section. What types of requests … Continue Reading

light bulb

Product innovation articles worth a read

Product innovation articles: Our top 5 picks Has innovation thinking gone stale in your organization? I highly recommend checking out the following product innovation articles: 1. Most people, most of the time (the perfect crowd fallacy): I am a big … Continue Reading

customer guide

Using The New Customer Portal: A Guide for Customers

OneDesk’s customer portal allows you capture customer ideas, feedback, questions and compliments. Contrary to with traditional surveys, the customer portal allows your company to capture customer feedback without them falling through the cracks. When sent through the customer portal, submissions … Continue Reading

Project management infographic

Project Management INFOGRAPHIC

21% of projects fail due to poor project management. This new infographic has some great stats on why good project management is so important to the success of an organization. In the end, project management is about the right balance … Continue Reading

thanks posits

Big thanks to the PM community!

Last week, we released a fun little video that briefly highlights some of the positive and negative elements of project management. We were very pleased with the response from the product management and project management community and wanted to take … Continue Reading

voting system in onedesk

Online Research Communities: The Next Big Thing

Online research communities are the next big thing. Also known as “research 2.0,” this emerging type of research allows businesses access to newer types of insights that traditional research methods, such as surveys and focus groups don’t provide. Setting up … Continue Reading

project drop down

The Manage Projects, All Projects, and Organization Projects Options in OneDesk

There are three parts of the Project drop-down. Here is a guide to each one. Manage projects Here, you can: – View all the projects you are part of – Create projects – Share projects – View the users in … Continue Reading

postit on board

Dealing with Product/Project Manager Responsibility Overload

Whether you are a project manager or product manager, chances are that your job has you running around in circles, trying to make sure that everyone’s responsibilities are met. Every project or product manager had to deal with one dreaded … Continue Reading

international women's day

International Women’s Day: Top 5 Women in Product and Project Management

Today is International Women’s Day. In honor of this great holiday we have compiled a list of some of the most influential women in product and project management. Check out their great work! 1. Elizabeth Harrin: She is the driving … Continue Reading