The shift towards social project management

The emergence of the social project manager As project management, product development and innovation processes evolve from closed silo type of environments to those that are more social, connected and collaborative, so should the roles of the individuals. The role … Continue Reading

Help Desk Best Practices

Using “best practices” is the most efficient way of getting things done, and improving your organization. Employing best practices will give you no choice but to evaluate your company’s current practices and compare them to the ones your competitors use. … Continue Reading

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Avoiding Customer Service Disasters

We’ve said it countless times – the key to staying ahead of your competitors and becoming a leader in the market depends on one thing – superior customer service. 32 per cent of dissatisfied customers will stop doing business with … Continue Reading

Project selection methods: Which should you use?

Project selection methods help guide an organizations decisions and weigh them against alternative projects. As a project manager or owner, you will inevitably have to make decisions regarding which projects to implement. As a team, you will need to carefully … Continue Reading

Creating a Requirements Management Strategy

Having a requirements management system is the key to building the right product efficiently. Requirements management can save your company from going over-budget, losing time, and even embarrassing product recalls. Requirements management is only effective if it is backed up … Continue Reading

Getting product input from your customers

There is no denying that Customer satisfaction directly influences your organization’s bottom line. Therefore, only companies that have a proper strategy and system in place, to capture customer feedback will experince loyal customers that deliver repeat business. Yet despite these … Continue Reading

Collaboration Skills: 5 Tips to Developing Them

In an age where it is especially important for companies to get work done faster than their competitors, good collaboration skills are crucial. Some people are natural collaborators, while others prefer to work independently. Nonetheless, there is always room for … Continue Reading

Estimating project costs isn’t always easy

Estimating project costs: No laughing matter? There are various tools out there to help you to develop cost estimates for your project’s resources and tasks. However, obtaining realistic cost estimates, is not always easy. There are many factors that directly … Continue Reading

Management vs. Leadership

We at OneDesk are committed to helping organizations work more efficiently. While we are always happy to give advice on how to do improve your business procedures with the help of technology, we are always quick to say that software … Continue Reading

Product Iteration vs Innovation

Product iteration vs innovation: Apples and watches Like many tech enthusiasts out there, I have been closely following the conversation happening around Apple and Samsung lately. For those of you who haven’t heard, Apple recently unveiled two new versions of … Continue Reading