Requirements Engineering Conferences 2014

Upcoming Requirements Engineering Conferences Requirements engineering events are hard to find. There are only a handful of events that take place every year. Here is a list of future requirements engineering conferences happening all around the world: 1. The 22nd … Continue Reading

Handling Stress: A Lesson for Project Managers

All project managers undoubtedly go through stressful projects. Thus, it is always good to know when things are getting out of hand, and what you can do to eliminate unnecessary stress. Soma Bhattacharya is an Agile Transformation Consultant at Xebia … Continue Reading

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Automate your product workflows

Automate those repetitive time consuming tasks with OneDesk’s workflow tools. This set of applications enable organizations to automate their product workflows and streamline their business processes. Automate your customer service systems By setting up an automatic trigger or scheduled item … Continue Reading

Lean vs. Agile

With the corporate world growing more and more competitive, organizations are looking into revamping their business and production processes. In the search of the best one, most seem to get inundated by slur a new vocabulary and industry buzzwords. Waterfall, … Continue Reading

User stories vs use cases: The basics

User stories vs use cases: Are they the same? User stories vs. use cases. It’s a common topic of conversation among developers, and product managers. Before I go any further, it is important to understand that user stories and use … Continue Reading

Share Knowledge in Small Parts: A Valuable PM Lesson

In today’s hectic workforce, it’s almost a given: You will deal with chaotic schedules and work on projects which you really wish would end sooner than later. You can choose to run away from the project and walk away with … Continue Reading

Innovation Conferences in 2013: Top 3

Innovation conferences to help ignite your team Encouraging and promoting the exchange of ideas in the workplace is no easy task. It consists of determining the right mix of innovation ingredients for your organization and culture. Innovation is not something … Continue Reading

Product Management Quotes: Our Faves

We all have favorite quotes or at least words we like to live by. Knowing how hectic days can be in the product management world, we thought we would compile some quotes that might inspire product managers to do the … Continue Reading

Customer feedback systems: Add a portal

Customer feedback systems: Customer portals Customer feedback systems enable you to gather valuable insight from the people who know your products the best – your customers. Part of OneDesk’s larger set of integrated social business applications is a powerful customer … Continue Reading

Project Management Mistakes and Developing Lessons Learned

When a project fails, it can be very discouraging. All project managers undoubtedly have ups and downs. However, it is up to them to make what they can out of these situations and turn them into a learning experience. Every … Continue Reading