Auto-forwarding your email to OneDesk – using Gmail / Gsuite

Setting up an auto-forward using Gmail / Gsuite is straightforward. Here are instructions to set up an autoforward for Gmail / Gsuite. After this is done, you will be automatically capturing emails and creating tickets and customer records in your … Continue Reading

Auto-forwarding / redirecting your email to OneDesk, using Outlook

Setting up an auto-forward using Microsoft Outlook is easy. Here we provide the instructions for the web version of Outlook Web App / Office 365, as well as the desktop version. STEP 1: Retrieve your OneDesk ticket capture email address … Continue Reading

Managing your users using teams in OneDesk

Update April 2020: We have added a whole lot of new features to Teams. Read more about what’s new in Teams. In OneDesk users can be added to teams. This is useful both to keep your users organized, and to … Continue Reading

Single Sign-On (SSO) for your users in OneDesk

OneDesk allows you to set up single sign-on (SSO) to permit your users to log in using their existing credentials. If the user does not exist, once they log in using SSO, OneDesk will create a user record for them. … Continue Reading

How a cloud services company uses workflow automations to track parts in the supply chain

As companies and teams become more and more distributed, communication only becomes more important. For organizations that deal with finance matters, this is only more true. There is no room for miscommunications and distractions when there are large amounts of … Continue Reading

How to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your customer apps in OneDesk

You may want to have your customers be automatically logged in to your OneDesk customer apps whenever they are on your site and authenticated with your own systems. This post will show you how to set that up using Azure … Continue Reading

Linking to other items in conversations using the # sign

In OneDesk you will find yourself frequently discussing tickets and tasks. Sometimes this conversation will be on the actual item, but often you will want to refer to a different one. For these cases OneDesk has a great feature which … Continue Reading

Use the @ symbol to add users or customers to conversations in OneDesk

The December 2019 release of OneDesk added the ability to use the @ symbol in conversations in OneDesk. Most of you will be familiar with this type of method to message people from other apps. This article will cover some … Continue Reading

What’s New in the December 2019 Release of OneDesk

The December release of OneDesk is a big one with a list of significant improvements and new features. It went live on December 10th 2019. Improvements to Project Sharing More intuitive UI to share projects with Users and customers Ability … Continue Reading

How a childcare software provider uses OneDesk for CRM, project management, and support

Across the worlds of CRM, project management, and support work, there are a multitude of different tools and software that can be used. In some cases where departments are large enough to support integrating their tools with other team’s tools, … Continue Reading