How an ERP Firm uses OneDesk to serve its customers

For an expanding enterprise resource planning (ERP) firm, providing quality service is of utmost importance. ERP covers a wide range of day-to-day business areas—from procurement to accounting and everything in between—so staying organized and on top of everything is the … Continue Reading

Automated Item Creation

You can set rules in OneDesk to automatically create a ticket or task as a result of an automation. You can generate a brand new ticket or task with this automation. When creating a new item, you can control: Subtask: … Continue Reading

Automated Project Creation

You can get OneDesk to automatically create a project for you as a result of an automation. Once triggered, these automations can generate a new project from a project template in your OneDesk, helping you to save time when starting … Continue Reading

Application-Level Access Permissions

In OneDesk, you can grant different levels of access to all your applications on the per-user level. This allows you to control what applications your users are able to access and what they can and can’t do in each one. … Continue Reading

Release Notes: OneDesk August 2021

This update to OneDesk was released on August 28, 2021, and added the following new features: New Application-Level Action Menus We have re-organized the top-level tools menu to redistribute various tools to the applications they apply to. The new menu … Continue Reading

How a Website Translation Company uses OneDesk for their sophisticated ticketing system and internal project management efforts

For companies that have very established workflows for their ticket and project management, it can be difficult finding the right software to properly reflect them. In certain instances where the workflows are a little less traditional, it can be even … Continue Reading

Blockers, Duplicates & Related

In OneDesk, you are able to identify relationships between your work tasks. Some of those relationships can be identified as: Blockers: Indicates that one item cannot be worked on before another is completed. Duplicates: Indicates that the items duplicate each … Continue Reading

Task Dependencies: Predecessor & Successor

You can establish task dependencies with successor and predecessor links. Dependencies define relationships among tasks that determine their order. Predecessors identify tasks that must be completed before their successor task can be started. Using predecessor and successor relationships can help … Continue Reading

What’s New in OneDesk – July 2021

New Automation Capabilities: New Automation Action: ‘Create a new item’ Now you can get OneDesk to automatically create an item for you as a result of an automation. Some examples where this could be useful include making automations so that: … Continue Reading

How a Business Intelligence Firm uses OneDesk to manage internal requests from multiple subsidiaries

Services and requests are two concepts that go closely hand in hand. Even for internal requests, once a service is requested, there is a certain level of agreement that must happen between the two parties involved. This is often handled … Continue Reading