How to Activate Customer Satisfaction Surveys

OneDesk’s customer success surveys allow you to assess your customer support team’s level of support. These surveys are sent out by email to the customer once a ticket has been closed. The customer can then rate the service as negative … Continue Reading

What’s New in OneDesk – Apr 2021

OneDesk has just released the April 2021 update to OneDesk with many new features and improvements. This update will go live on April 24, 2021. Customer Service Survey OneDesk introduces the ability to ask your customers for their opinion on … Continue Reading

How to Import Users & Customers

You can import users & customers into your OneDesk from .csv files. Before Importing There are a few things to know and/or do before importing users or customers. 1. Ensure that you really need to use the import function. Importing … Continue Reading

All About Customer Surveys

Customer Satisfaction surveys are emailed surveys sent out to a customer within 24 hours of their ticket being marked into a finished state. If more than one customer has requested the ticket, the most recent requestor receives the survey email. … Continue Reading

How a Healthcare MSP uses OneDesk to streamline its workflow

As a managed service provider (MSP), providing a high quality of service is tantamount to the success of the business. The range of services provided by an MSP includes providing support, maintaining equipment, and improving the operations, all with an … Continue Reading

How a Creative & Design SaaS Company uses OneDesk to optimize their workflow

Having a multi-talented, cross-functional team is often seen as an ideal team composition, opening up many different opportunities for work and services that a company can offer. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no challenges presented by this situation. … Continue Reading

Email Settings: Appearance

How to Change Email Appearance Under the Appearance tab in your OneDesk Email Settings, you are able to edit some visual aspects of your email messages. If you have completed the Getting Started Wizard in OneDesk, you would have already … Continue Reading

Notifications & Emails

OneDesk has built a sophisticated messaging system that ensures you never have to worry about where the recipient of your message is. Thanks to this powerful messaging system, you don’t need to be concerned if your recipient is using live … Continue Reading

Inserting Items

What is Inserting? OneDesk allows you to create items such as tickets and tasks by adding them manually. Usually, you will need to fill out the internal creation form for that given item. However, inserting an item allows you to … Continue Reading

Understanding Projects, Portfolios, Folders, & Items

OneDesk uses different naming conventions to refer to the things inside of OneDesk. There are a few main objects that OneDesk can contain: portfolios, folders, projects, and items. However, you can ONLY share projects and items, not portfolios and folders. … Continue Reading