What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback360 degree feedback, also known as multisource or multi-rater feedback, is a feedback management system in which feedback comes from all around an employee about their performance. This feedback is provided by their supervisor, co-workers, internal and external partners, customers, and any other stakeholder they might work with.

Why conduct 360 degree feedback?

Contrary to traditional feedback, where employees simply receive feedback from their supervisor, 360 degree feedback allows an employee to understand how their effectiveness as an employee, coworker, or staff member is viewed by others. 360 degree feedback teaches individuals to understand their own strengths and weaknesses within the company.

360 degree feedback provides many benefits, including:

Encourages team development
360 degree feedback helps team members communicate and work more effectively together. It also makes team members more accountable to each other as they share the knowledge on each members’ performance.

Saves manager’s time
As more people participate in the feedback process, managers do no need to spend as much time providing feedback.

Improved customer service
360 degree feedback allows each employee to receive feedback about the quality of their product or services, and is especially helpful when the feedback comes from both internal and external stakeholders. This feedback enables each individual to improve the quality their products and services as they have a clearer idea of what everyone wants.

360 degree feedback….for products

Just as it is helpful to conduct 360 degree feedback on employee performance, it is also beneficial to learn about what all sides have to say about your product. The reasons and benefits of doing so are similar to the ones above. Soliciting feedback from internal and external parties provides a more accurate understanding of market needs, leading to better customer service.

Conduct 360 degree feedback surveys with OneDesk

With OneDesk, collecting feedback from all stakeholders is easy. Entirely web-based, the application connects employees, internal and external business partners, and customers. OneDesk aids in the feedback gathering process by providing customers with their own customer portal through which they can submit feedback, discuss and share ideas with other customers and vote on polls you and your employees create. OneDesk can be used to gather any type of feedback. In the case of feedback about your product of service, OneDesk allows you to take things one step further by proving the tools to generate requirements from the feedback, analyze them, track them through the development process, and turn them into actionable items.

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  1. kalpana

    This gives the good information about 360 Degree Feedback.360 Feedback is a good HR Software. i got one company from Google Search “CEO Info Tech”.They are providing the best HR Software Products.

  2. 360 degree feedback

    360 degree feedback is known as multi functional feedback.
    You post a nice article but we can write more here. You describe only the definition of 360 degree feedback, You can also describe the little bit more on 360 degree feedback services, Evaluations, Importance of 360 degree feedback, and much more.

    • Kim

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, there is so much more we can say about 360 degree feedback. We do plan on elaborating more on it in future blog posts; stay tuned and feel free to let us know what you would like to read about.

  3. 360 deree feedback

    Your discussion about 360 degree feedback has great importance in these days. Because the most people seeking for selection right channel and for business feedback. As you mentioned in your article 360 degree feedback understand all sides of business and 360 evaluations. Every business management wants to get desired feedback, which is only possible through 360 degree feedback & 360 evaluations.

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