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What is user driven content?

User driven content is information that has been heavily influenced by the opinions, thoughts and ideas of individuals. The notion is that customers are no longer spectators but collaborative partners in business development. Today, customers are more empowered then ever as they actively initiate conversations, shape and manage the flow of data related to products and services across a wide range of communication channels. Gone are the days when the expert team of brand managers, marketers and product designers spend countless hours around the conference room table discussing ways to get inside the customer’s head. A user driven framework of product development recognizes that the customer is a key component within the design and development process.
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User driven content: Implications for business strategy

Customer-centric companies understand that the only way to develop good products is to incorporate customer feedback into every critical phase of the design and delivery process. Their design teams take advantage of early customer input or feedback to develop and test products faster and correct design flaws more efficiently. They also recognize that collecting quality user driven data, especially during the early phases, can increase sales, customer retention and brand loyalty. Finally, user driven product development increases bottom-line results by eliminating costly product redesigns and re-launches.

Create user driven products with OneDesk

OneDesk understands that only a well-structured cross-functional collaboration between departments will produce high value products. That is why includes easily customizable project management tools that put your entire company on the same page, so you can get organized and get the job done efficiently.

Equip your team with the right tools to gather useful data, listen to the ideas and concerns, and incorporate product suggestions from your customers. This will give your team a positive direction and empower them to produce products that will surprise and delight your customers.

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