This article is part of an ongoing series where I discuss how a particular customer in a specific industry uses OneDesk.

For any company to be successful, they need to have customers. While it’s important to always acquire new customers, you cannot neglect your existing customers. This is where customer success comes into play. You need to ensure that your customers are finding success when interacting with your product and have a team to oversee this. Our clients use OneDesk to address this need and build processes to empower their customer success teams in all situations.

Customer success starts with the user’s first interaction with your system, and continues through every subsequent interaction. Right from the initial onboarding, you are building your client’s success, and in order to guarantee a smooth start, you need to have a solid process in place for every kind of interaction with your customers.

OneDesk has an application for managing tasks, that can help you set up these workflows and enable your team to track their work with autonomy. Using OneDesk, you can capture every type of customer success request that comes in and implement workflows that complement and define your processes. With OneDesk’s different views, your team can focus on tasks specific to their role and expertise, from managers who need to see the roadmap to customer success agents concerned with upcoming deadlines and task dependencies.

To think about customer success at a broader scope, OneDesk has you covered with a hierarchy for organizing work that extends from individual tasks up to portfolios and projects. OneDesk also gives you the ability to track and log time against tasks, which enable you to pinpoint situations in which processes need to be tweaked, projects require further breaking down, and customers who might need a more attentive touch in communications. With metrics showing planned versus actual costs and work completed, you can evaluate your processes every step of the way.

The key aspect that drives customer success is feedback. The only way you can know how your clients are using your product is through feedback. As much as feedback from your clients is important, the feedback that you give them in return is also crucial in fostering a good relationship with your customers. With OneDesk, you can give your customers visibility into the status of their requests and even set up a portal that allows them to interact directly with your team and workflow.

Each of your customers can have their own records within OneDesk, giving them an entity beyond a nameless persona that’s traceable back to the company they work for. It’s critical to consider the people behind the requests that come in and what their experience is like coming into your customer success process as well. Building out workflows for different situations is one of OneDesk’s most powerful features, and with automatic triggers you can keep things moving so your customers are never left in the dark.

Whatever it takes to elevate your customer success to the next level, OneDesk can be tailored to help you streamline your processes without losing that personal touch. The underlying basis of the customer success experience is communication, and in order to have quality communications, you need to have a platform that tracks your client’s concerns and allows you to dig into that data. OneDesk gives you the ability to organize your work without forcing you into a limiting paradigm. Agile, waterfall—it doesn’t matter what methodology you follow, OneDesk can be customized to fit your need. When you find that formula that works, you can apply it to all your projects as you to build your customers’ success.

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