Great news! We recently added new agile tools to OneDesk so we thought we’d celebrate these exciting features with a fun, social #FollowFriday style post.

Agile blogs you should follow

Below is a list of some excellent agile blogs that you should definitely check out. I also encourage you to follow their agile adventures on Twitter:

1. Agile Scout (@agilescout): A great resource for agile software developers that offers up great advice, fresh news and agile tool recommendations.

2. Halah Saleh (@HalaSaleh1): We’ve enjoyed working with Halah and her team in the past, so it is no surprise that we are big fans of her agile blog.

3. All About Agile (@kelly_waters): The title says it all, a one stop blog for everything agile.

4. Implementing Scrum (@mvizdos): Mike’s last post was a cartoon about scrum that had me in stitches for several minutes. Enough said, check out his blog- it’s highly insightful.

5. Managing Product Development (@johannarothman): This agile blog pushes managers to think about the way they manage their projects and products. Johanna is a veteran blogger, speaker and consultant. Her passion and product development expertise shines through her writing.

Did we miss any? Share your top agile blog picks with us below!

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  1. Sandeep

    Thanks for the details. The top 100 agile
    Blogs would further help

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