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Overcoming agile challenges

It is no secret that many organizations find it challenging to remain dominant in a marketplace characterized by heavy competition and rapidly shifting customer demands. The reality today is that by the time a product has been launched, customers may have already decided to moved on to a competitor’s product. The key to managing these challenges and to survival starts with the ability to successfully harness proper methods.

Agile challenges: Business benefits

According to Rich Mirinov, a seasoned product management consultant and speaker, agile may offer business benefits like strategic flexibility, improved team morale, deeper connection and alignment with customers markets, as well as greater profitability. Most importantly implementing agile, will mean more direct involvement with customers and therefore the opportunity to increase profits, highlights Mirinov. Agile also enables early identification of project failures.

The following is a video by Rich Mirinov and Magnus Billgren, that highlights agile challenges in product management today:

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