An IT non-profit switches from Spiceworks to OneDesk

There are many help desk software solutions available on the market today. Most of these applications provide the basic help desk functionalities but lack the robust tools and flexibility to adapt to the specific needs and workflows of different IT teams. In other cases, help desk apps charge expensive prices for access to the high level features.

One client came to us with such issues, wishing to switch away from the help desk app Spiceworks, as the app was not currently meeting their company’s needs. Our client was a non-profit IT service who served over 150 internal and external clients. They expressed that Spiceworks was not able to give them the flexibility, customization, and high level automations that they required to make ticket flow a smooth process. In addition, our client wanted project management capabilities without the need to pay a high cost; as budget is a crucial consideration in non-profit operations.

Two Applications in One

As with most other help desk software available, project management is one feature that is lacking from Spiceworks. Instead of trying to juggle two apps, OneDesk combines the full functionality of both help desk and project management without breaking their budget.
Our client is able to take advantage of the customizable Gantt chart and status board, allowing the IT managers to easily assign or reassign tasks, optimize schedules and keep track of operations. As well, OneDesk features custom views to track and visualize KPIs.
There’s no need to pay for different software or waste time by constantly switching between them. Along with full project management capabilities, the helpdesk functionalities provide the ability to capture tickets from email, live chat, and webform. Our client found the automation tools to be especially valuable. High level automation further simplifies ticket flow. Our client was keen on the ability to automatically assign tickets in flexible ways and automate the creation of tickets, tasks and projects.

What Sets OneDesk Apart

As mentioned, most other apps give you only one tool, but OneDesk seamlessly combines help desk and project management into one application. Further simplify your operations with dozens of built-in integrations, or make use of our public API. Moreover, OneDesk gives high flexibility and customization to fit your IT business. Our client desired to view all their tickets sorted by company. OneDesk provides powerful but simple to use filtering, so teams can easily manage their work. Here at OneDesk, one size fits all. Customize the customer portal, live chat, webform, knowledgebase, as well as ticket types, names, and so much more to make OneDesk truly your own.

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