Here’s what they are saying about OneDesk:

“…your organization might want to take a peek at a platform called OneDesk, a cloud-based application that is explicitly intended to coordinate product managers, engineers, marketing teams and even customer support professionals.”

Cloud platform supports product development activities, Heather Clancy,ZDNet


“…the product is structured to make it easy to identify new product opportunities and route them into the development pipeline.”

OneDesk Translates Feedback into R&D,David F. Carr,InformationWeek

“…allows businesses to become more socially connected to customers, partners and employees.”

Product Development Made Easy , Nadia Ibanez,Business Review USA


“What I like about it the most is that it captures ideas – comments, suggestions, input that would otherwise be lost. And it’s a continuous process – not just a one-shot “let’s gather requirements for the next few months.”

Social Media – Changing the Nature of “Product Requirements” Forever, Hollis Tibbetts,Social Media Today


“….from a product management viewpoint, it’s the features, it’s the road mapping, it’s the ability to manage the difficult parts of the development that is really compelling.”

OneDesk with Catherine Constantinides , Cindy F Solomon,Tools of The Trade


“…a unified suite of applications to help manage the whole product development lifecycle.”

Agile, Product Management Journal, Ian Lunn,ProductFocus

“One of the reasons I find OneDesk unique is that it focuses on the front end more than a PLM system, but also provides more execution capabilities than most “idea management” software.”

Another Social Computing Option for Product Development: OneDesk Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity

“OneDesk is positioned as the only app that connects social media monitoring, customer feedback, innovation and ideas management, help desk management, requirements management, and project management into one centralized zone.”

Beyond Requirements, So Much More To Manage Adrian Bridgwater Dr.Dobb’s

“One of the core features OneDesk offers is in the area of project management. In that vein, the service allows for Microsoft Project files to be imported to get started quickly. I found the ability to put the product roadmap onto a timeline very useful, providing visibility into the decision-making process as well as providing a sense of continuity with the various assigned tasks.”

Review: OneDesk Has Centralized Collaboration, Social Media Monitoring Paul Mah,Enterprise Apps Today


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